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Philosophy & Approach


As I have studied God’s Word and have walked alongside people who are suffering, God has grown me in the conviction that He really is the way to the deepest healing and help, no matter what the struggle or suffering. I have seen with my own eyes, people -whom the world would say are without hope for change- be radically transformed through the power of God and His Word.


For these reasons, I am committed to offering counseling that is distinctively Biblical in nature, meaning that my counseling is informed by a Biblical perspective of who we are as human beings, why we struggle and suffer, and how we can grow and flourish. 

I am a partner with the Biblical Counseling Coalition and subscribe to the Biblical Counseling Coalition Doctrinal and Confessional Statements.



In general, counseling with me includes two main phases:

Phase 1- Getting to know you and understanding together

First I want to take time to listen to you, get to know you and understand your concerns. We will seek to understand how God’s Word describes and clarifies the nature of your struggle. 


Phase 2- Engaging a growth process

Second, we will seek to identify the specific guidance and help God’s Word gives to you in your struggle. As your counselor, I will help you identify God's process of growth for you and will support you in walking out that growth process. I will provide you with personalized coaching, direction and growth exercises to engage in between our sessions. Your growth process will include not only what happens within our sessions, but what God does in you between our sessions! 

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